Ulgena - free URL Shortener with always free features

The most advanced features available on the market

Link management

Fast Route

Route users from the branded links to the destination URLs

Editable destination URLs

Update the destination URL of branded links at any time

User Friendly links

Find specific branded links using the dashboard search tool

Link expiration

Decide when a link will be automatically deleted by the system

Bulk link creation/edit/import

Create, import or edit branded links in bulk, Add multiple links in one go with a simple copy/paste and find them in your dashboard to share individually.

Sortable list of shortened URLs

Drag and drop shortened link to sort it - it will save automatically the new sequence

Tagging links

You can tag a short URL to find it easier

Password protection

Protect your short links by asking visitors to enter a password you specified originally.

Custom URL slugs

Customize the word that comes after the slash with a relevant keyword of your choosing Parameter forwarding- change to Automatically forward parameters to the destination URL by appending them to your branded links


Detailed statistics

Visualize popular click metrics from audiences like top countries, languages, devices, frequent times and more Statistical analysis of the links data is an important component in developing and reinforcing your brand.

Aggregated reports

Visualize popular click metrics from your audience grouped by tags, domains

Your logo

Add your company logo to you share

Total number of clicks

Real-time stats of clicks for each day.

Clicks by browser

Short links tracking system shows in which browsers the link was clicked.

Clicks by devices

Short links tracking system shows in which devices the link was clicked (desktop, mobile, tablet, other).

Clicks by operating systems

Short links tracking system shows in which operating systems the link was clicked (even windows version).

Clicks by geo location

Short links tracking system shows in which country the link was clicked.

Source of clicks

Clicks by sources, short links tracking system shows where the link was clicked, included popular social media: facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, google plus, linkedin and other (other are: direct clicks, email clicks, sms clicks and also bot clicks).


301 SEO redirect

Create branded links that are optimized for search engines

404 redirect

Use custom URLs to serve as default error pages for users visiting links that are misspelled or no longer exist

Parameter forwarding

Automatically forward parameters to the destination URL by appending them to branded links no additional cost

Traffic routing

Route users to specific destination URLs based on their data and behavior like language, location, click patterns and more